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Custom Series 3/2 (M) Blue

Custom Series 3/2 (M) Blue

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The 3/2 Thruster set is a subtle nod to the original days at Futures. The new design works great at freeing up the tail of the board at high speeds, allowing riders to maintain more speed and momentum through every turn. The 3/2 fins have a very engaged feeling, as though they are glued to the wave. Riders will notice smooth rail to rail transitions, with almost no loss of power. 3/2’s are available in hand finished Custom Series Fiberglass.

3/2 refers to the additional surface plane angles at the tip of the fin. Most thruster fins are angled out at 6 degrees and are towed in about 3 degrees, depending on the shaper. The tip has an additional 3 degrees of cant (splay) and an additional 2 degrees of tow angle which gives additional hold throughout turns without sacrificing any speed.

*Based off the F6 Template

  • Template Category | Neutral (balanced/fluid)
  • Construction | Fiberglass
  • Ride Number | Speed Control – 3.5
  • Size | Medium (145 – 175 lbs)
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