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Lundquist Surfboards

9’5” Big Joe

9’5” Big Joe

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9’5” x 22 11/16” x 3 1/8”

The Big Joe is our throwback to the late 50’s/60’s pig-style shape typically glassed with a D-fin. The widest point is about a foot behind center and the rails are 60/40 rails. The bottom is a belly that goes into a vee in the tail. This is a super fun board for those looking to go back in time and ride a shape that is something you could find new back in the day, but it is made with modern-day surfboard construction techniques.

Like all of our longboards, the Big Joe features more tail rocker than nose rocker. This is key for a functional noserider. More tail rocker will slow the board down but make it looser whereas less tail rocker will provide better gliding / trimming ability but make it stiffer to turn. The idea is to make the board just slow enough to hang in the pocket but fast enough to speed through the section if need be.

Glassed with two layers of 6oz fiberglass on the deck and two layers of 6oz on the bottom, with an additional 6oz deck patch and 6oz tail patch. Our logs are built to stand the test of time and are built stronger than the average log (typically 6+4 deck / 6 bottom with 4oz patches). The added weight from this type of build / construction will aid in paddling power, glide, nose riding, and trimming ability. Adding a gloss + polish finish gives you an additional layer of protection as well.

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