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7'6" Revenant

7'6" Revenant

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7’6” x 23” x 2 7/8” x 53.4L

The Revenant is time-tested and our best selling board. It is a mix between a high performance twin fin and a traditional keel fin fish. Although it can be ridden in all sorts of conditions, the feedback we’ve gotten is that this board performs well in punchy, quick beach breaks where the speed and agility of this board excels. It turns better than a traditional keel fin fish and is not so high performance that you feel like you should have brought your shortboard. We recommend riding this board a liter or two less than your standard shortboard as the surface area in the nose makes up for the lost volume for paddle power and having less volume will make this board react better once up.

Glassed with two layers of 4oz fiberglass on the deck and one layer of 4oz on the bottom, with an additional 4oz deck patch over the back foot and a 4oz tail patch for added protection of the fin boxes. I use s-cloth fiberglass on my shorter boards — a more premium fiberglass cloth than what is used in standard surfboard construction — it has a better tensile strength and is military-grade fiberglass that weighs the same as e-cloth (surfboard standard) but is much stronger, resulting in a board that will last longer than an average board. It’s not often used due to its hefty price tag but I include it with every shortboard and twin fin because I want my boards to stand the test of time more than normal. Most company’s “team rider” surfboards are built with s-cloth, but I choose to eat the cost and do it for all my lightweight boards.

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