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Lundquist Surfboards

7'0" Sea Bottom

7'0" Sea Bottom

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7’0” x 22.13” x 3.32” x 55.3L

The Sea Bottom is one of our signature shapes. Originally designed for those stepping down from longboards to shorter boards, this shape has proven to be fun in a wide variety of waves and useful for many surfers who are pushing their comfort zone and surfing ability as they expand their quiver, often for the first time.

Glassed with two layers of 4oz fiberglass on the deck and one layer of 4oz on the bottom, with an additional 4oz deck patch over the back foot and a 4oz tail patch for added protection of the fin boxes. I use s-cloth fiberglass on my shorter boards — a more premium fiberglass cloth than what is used in standard surfboard construction — it has a better tensile strength and is military-grade fiberglass that weighs the same as e-cloth (surfboard standard) but is much stronger, resulting in a board that will last longer than an average board. It’s not often used due to its hefty price tag but I include it with every shortboard and twin fin because I want my boards to stand the test of time more than normal. Most company’s “team rider” surfboards are built with s-cloth, but I choose to eat the cost and do it for all my lightweight boards.

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